Wall Coatings

There are 3 main types of wall coatings.  DryLok, Thoroseal, and Cement.

DryLok is a thin paint-like substance.  It goes on with rollers, just like regular paint.  DryLok is used only for      cinderblock, or poured concrete walls.  We recommend DryLok only to improve aesthetic appearances, and as  a vapor barrier.  DryLok alone will NEVER solve a water infiltration problem. 

Thoroseal is a thicker, stucco-like substance.  It requires more intensive labor for it's application.  Thoroseal is generally used on stone foundations, but you will occasionally find block walls that have been coated in thoroseal.

Cement is the hardest of the wall coatings both in terms of the strength of the material, and the difficulty of the application.  Cement will last the longest, but due to the intense nature of the labor involved, it is also the most expensive.

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